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Friday 4 May 2018

British design and engineering firm MGI Consultancy is delighted to have become a member of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), the world’s leading trade association for the motorsport, high performance engineering, services and tuning sectors. 

MGI Consultancy puts decades of combined engineering experience at the pinnacle of motorsport into delivering cutting edge programmes for the wider automotive, aerospace and marine industries, while retaining a strong presence in international motorsport.

Founder and CEO, Mike Gascoyne, has built up a highly skilled team of specialists, based at a bespoke facility in Oxfordshire’s motorsport valley, who work across the full breadth of engineering capabilities. From stress analysis to composites, aerodynamics to mechanical design, the MGI team can turn its hand to any project with a proven record of success.

The company’s ethos is to transfer skills and standards from F1 and make them available across multiple industries. Quality, flexibility, on-time and on-budget delivery, international work ethic, integrity and confidentiality assurances are among the values that make MGI Consultancy a trusted partner for manufacturers,

Mike Gascoyne said:

 “The MIA is a prestigious association and one that MGI Consultancy is honoured to join. Our team of engineering experts have all cut their teeth at the pinnacle of motorsport, and it is this experience that we are able to offer to all our clients. Our foundations have been formed in motorsport, and particularly in F1, and we are proud to continue our association to this fantastic industry, while showcasing its positive values in other sectors.”


Excellence, Creativity, Integrity and Teamwork

MGI Consultancy aims to bring lightweight composite design engineering solutions, and R&D and project management services, based on F1® standards of engineering, to the mainstream automotive, aerospace and marine industries.

MGI Consultancy is all about technology transfer from F1® (extensive R&D, fast paced development, on time delivery, top level engineering staff, international expertise, supplier network) and we are actively welcoming business enquiries from other industries, whilst maintaining a strong presence in the international motorsports arena at both a management and design level.

“My reputation in F1® was built on engineering quality and on-time delivery. These are the values we bring to every project we undertake.” Mike Gascoyne, Founder and CEO of MGI Motorsport Ltd.   

We focus on our British design and engineering capabilities and invest significantly in creating new lightweight solutions for the automotive, aerospace, motorsports and marine sectors and encourage green, sustainable and reusable energy technologies across all sectors we work in.  MGI Consultancy aims to bring lightweight composite design engineering solutions, and R&D and project management services, based on F1 standards of engineering, to the mainstream automotive, aerospace and marine industries.

25 Years of Racing at the Pinnacle

MGI is a dynamic, performance and results driven engineering consultancy with its roots and DNA forged in the high pressure environment of Formula 1® motorsport. In motorsports, based on the experience of its founder and CEO, MGI Consultancy is unique as one of the few companies outside of F1® that has successfully set up an entire F1 team from scratch. From the design and production of the complete F1® car in 2010 for Lotus Racing/Caterham. Mike also managed Caterham’s entry into the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance challenge, the set up of the Caterham GP2 team and sports car collaboration with Renault Alpine as well as the off-shore Class 40 sailing project “Caterham Challenge”.  

Applied Formula 1® Engineering and Project Management

We apply our extensive experience in Formula 1®, R&D, engineering, competitive sports and marketing rigorously to all projects we manage.Whatever your requirements, whether in motorsport or beyond, MGI Consultancy offers a reactive and performance driven solution to your needs. We have access to highly skilled specialists on a permanent and contractor basis and the respected knowledge and drive of CEO Mike Gascoyne to oversee your brief through to project conclusion. Our skill sets are wide and varied, gained in the automotive, motorsport, aviation and marine industries and we can tailor a package to suit your business objectives.   


What makes us unique?

We pride ourselves in our ability to successfully deliver engineering solutions for leading companies and drive innovation in key areas including automotive, aerospace, marine and motorsport. 

We believe that knowledge and experience mean something. Our people have the understanding and industry insight to design, manufacture and implement embedded, technical engineering solutions that overcome tangible challenges and make a real difference to industries worldwide.   

Design and Engineering

- Advanced Composite and Mechanical Engineering Solutions 

- Finite Element Analysis 

- Static, Dynamic, Crash and Fatigue Analysis and Design in Composites and Metallic 

- 3D Design and in-house Printing Facilities

- Innovative Engineering Consultancy 

- Electronics  


- Driver in the Loop Simulator 

- Aerodynamics/CFD 

- Multi Post Test Rig 

- Non-Destructive and Destructive Testing 

- Rapid Prototyping/Manufature  


- Full Car Design, Build and Run Projects in the Motorsport Sector 

- Project Management of Motorsport and Marine Projects 

- Comprehensive Lifeing, Testing and Reliability Programs 

- Marketing and Commercial Services

- Team Building and Management Training, Corporate Speaking  


3D Printing

3D Printing Design and Manufacturing Consultancy

Additive manufacturing has become the perfect go-to technology for product designers, industrial designers and model makers of all types. With the ability to build detailed representations of individual components for fit, form and function prototypes, combined with the variety of different materials and surface finishes offered by 3D printing it was natural for MGI to invest into this technology.  

Indeed in 1999 Mike Gascoyne was at the forefront in introducing 3D printing into wind tunnel model development in Formula 1 at Jordan GP which led to their first race wins and best ever season that year.

Our experienced design engineers work with the latest available 3D design software packages including Siemens NX 11 and Catia V5, plus the latest 3D printing hardware to design and print the products to your specifications in-house. We guarantee accuracy and focus on the quality of the parts produced as well as the speed in which they are delivered.

About us

Mike Gascoyne, Founder & CEO

MGI’s founder, Mike Gascoyne, is one of the most renowned technicians in Formula One and has carved out an illustrious career at the pinnacle of international Motorsport for over two decades.  Having studied for a Ph.D. in fluid dynamics at Cambridge University throughout the 1980s, Mike’s passion for Motorsport took him into the world of Formula One for the first time in 1989 when he joined the McLaren team.  Since 1989 Mike has continued working at varying teams such as Sauber, Tyrrell, Jordan

Chris Harris, Head of Stress Analysis

Chris began his career in advanced stress engineering at General Motors, working in Australia, Sweden, Germany and Italy on international vehicle platform programs. He moved into motor sport through a 6 year stint in V8 supercars and then as an F1 stress engineer for 5 years. Further consultancy experience in the defence and aerospace industries has given Chris a broad level of knowledge ranging from advanced very low volume composites to high volume metallic structures. 

Joao Correia, Head of Aerodynamics

Joao is a versatile, highly motivated individual who has worked in motorsports, from lower Formulas to Formula 1 and Formula E. He has a PhD in Aerodynamics from Cranfield. His main roles at MGI are aerodynamics and performance engineering, but also team management He has several years design experience. He enjoys working outside of his comfort zone and thrives when working under pressure. 

Sean Briscall, Head of Mechanical Design

Sean is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with experience in Formula One and industrial design. He started his career  in Formula 1 at Tyrrell, working for Mike, moving on to work for McLaren and Toyota F1 before using his experience to work on various projects in the in the Defence Industry for the past 10 years. 

Peter Scrimshaw, Head of Electronic Control Systems

Peter started work at Rolls-Royce on the first digital engine control system for the RB211  engine, before moving on to F1 at Tyrrell, working alongside Mike Gascoyne. From there he moved to Benetton and then to 500GP motorcycle racing with  Suzuki. He has designed and developed a range of motorsport engine management systems for both Pectel and Life Racing. Recently Peter has been working on the design of custom industrial router equipment, combined with his motorsports work at MGI.

The Team

Gary Spencer: Senior Design Engineer Gary is an experienced engineer with over 25 years’ experience within design and manufacture. His career history covers many fields including over 14 years in Formula 1 and extensive press tooling and general engineering experience He worked previously with Mike at the Renault F1 Team. 

James East: Senior Design Engineer with experience in Composite design across various Motorsport series including F1.

Matt Watson: Design Engineer Matt has many years of extensive general engineering design experience including working on aerospace projects and aircraft interiors.

Matthew Gibbons: Graduate Design Engineer Matthew has recently joined the team after completing his degree in Engineering at Bristol University

William Soukal-Walsh: Design Engineer

Silvi Schaumloeffel: Silvi has a background in Sports Marketing and PR, having worked for several years in F1, including setting up the Lotus Racing F1 Team with Mike.

Speaking Engagements

Mike Gascoyne is  a sought after speaker for  evening and after dinner speeches, conferences and client entertainment. He has worked with international sports teams and global sponsors from different cultural backgrounds and is appearing regularly on TV, radio and other media outlets. 

Client testimonials are available.

To book Mike for after dinner / keynote speaking please contact his agents, NMP Live Limited +44 (0)1372 361 004

Team Building

Formula 1 is a top level sport that relies on team building and shared success. Mike Gascoyne is able to share his experiences of building winning teams in a competitive environment and communicating how to apply those skill to different industries and cultural environments.

Management Training

Having worked in competitive environments from small sports teams to  global corporations  Mike Gascoyne can help to advise your management team on the lessons from operating in a competitive fast changing environment and adapt management and operation styles accordingly.

Case Studies

Selected Engineering Success Stories

The ultimate Engineering Challenge

In May 2009 MGI was approached by Nino Judge of Litespeed F3 to organise an application to the FIA to enter F1. This application was then financed by Tony Fernandes and his partners and subsequently Lotus Racing and MGI was one of three new entries for the 2010 season. Granted it's entry late, MGI only had six months to design a Formula One car from scratch, and manufacture it, whilst also setting up the Lotus Racing team at the same time. The car designed by MGI was the only car of the new teams to take the finish line in Bahrain at the first race of the season in March, going on to 10th place in the World Championship, and easily the best of the new entries, a fantastic advertisement for the engineering and management skills of MGI Motorsport Ltd

F1 lightweight design solutions  in Aerospace

In in 2015 MGI was approached by Apex Composites, a Canadian based Composites company owned and managed by talented former racing driver Gerry Kavanaugh,  and supplying the commercial aviation sector to both provide composite design and management expertise. MGI bought F1 standards of design and reactivity to Apex, delivering on time solutions to this sector of the industry. The partnership between the two companies is continuing and expanding to this day under the rebranded name Formula Solutions Inc.

F1 Double seater aero update 2018

As technical support of Paul Stoddart's two-seater program, MGI Motorsport was responsible for updating the double seater F1  car based on the 1998 Tyrrell 026 that Mike originally conceived.

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